Grant Guidelines


SPECIAL NOTE: We regret that, except by invitation, the Bloomfield Family Foundation cannot accept Letters of Interest for 2022 funding from organizations other than its 2021 grantees. We have taken this difficult decision so that the Foundation can continue to respond as fully as possible to the needs of our grantees and the communities they serve, amid the still present challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All organizations must be 501(c)3 registered. The Foundation has a nationwide focus, although the majority of grants are currently within the Pacific Northwest. It will consider international organizations with US registered charitable status.

The Foundation will consider funding: programs; operational support; endowment; or capacity building. It does not support indirect costs of program activities.

The Bloomfield Family Foundation prioritizes organizations with a demonstrated fit with its objectives. Preference is given to organizations for which our grants, averaging $7,500, represent a significant contribution. The Foundation seeks organizations that have a well-developed approach to impact assessment; scalable/model programs; collaborative or community-based programs; and interactive (as opposed to passive) engagement with beneficiaries.

Our Grantmaking Process

The Foundation operates an annual grantmaking cycle. Invited Letters of Interest should be submitted via email, by the deadline of August 1, to Applicants will be informed in mid-August whether they are invited to submit a full application. The deadline for first-time applications is September 15. Grants are made by early December.

All new organizations applying to the Foundation will receive either an in-person or a virtual site visit by a Board member.

Grants are typically for one year; in general, successful grantees may reapply the following year. Occasionally, an organization which has been funded for several years will be invited to submit an application for a multi-year fund; this is by invitation only.

During the year of the grant, a contact meeting will be held with a Board representative. The representative will forward a report of that meeting to the grantee by August 15, for input and amendment. The final report is due by September 15 to

Letter of Interest Guidance

Your Letter of Interest should include the following: